With an eye to the requirements of I4.0 applications and the increasing networking of machines and systems, the digital point-to-point connection IO-Link offers manufacturer-independent, fieldbus-independent communication technology that can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems.

IO-Link not only ensures an intelligent connection of sensors, actuators and switching devices to the superior control level, but also lets sensors and actuators "talk" to each other!

The consistent, standardized communication to each IO-Link-capable sensor and actuator enables simple configuration, transmission of measurement and switching signals without loss, numerous diagnostic functions to self-diagnostics, as well as the automatic identification and application-specific parameterization of IO-Link-capable devices.

This not only increases productivity, but also simplifies the replacement of defective sensors while maintaining redundant parameter data. Maintenance concepts for machines and systems can be efficiently implemented with IO-Link-capable devices by reducing downtimes and accelerating the restart during maintenance or repair. The complex control, diagnostics and monitoring functions of sensors with IO-Link communication thus create the best prerequisites for I4.0 applications in the machine and plant environment.

Müller Industrie-Elektronik is gradually expanding the product portfolio of Modular Economic Sensors with IO-Link-capable variants.