A wide product range of data loggers with various data acquisition solutions is now available for almost all physical measured variables that are measured with measuring instruments from Müller Industrie-Elektronik or sensor types from other manufacturers. Data loggers offer full control of all relevant measured values and, depending on the application, are available in compact, portable mini format, as USB data loggers or multifunctional field versions in robust aluminum housings.

Data Logger: Data Logging | Process Monitoring | Predictive Maintenance

Data loggers are important tools for industry, including compliance with the regulations, quality assurance and environmental protection. They can practically record all sensor signals such as voltages, currents, temperatures, pressures or fill levels. The acquisition of digital signals such as counters or switches is also possible.


Typical Application Areas for Data Loggers are:


  • Food industry: storage, transport, preparation and presentation of food - monitoring of temperature regulations
    and cold chains.

  • Laboratory and healthcare: Transport and storage of vaccines, blood and medical products in refrigerators,
    cool boxes - Monitoring and compliance with temperature regulations and cold chains.

  • Logistics, warehousing: monitoring of humidity and temperature in the cold chain and during storage and transport

  • Livestock, horticulture, agriculture: control of environmental conditions in animal husbandry and cultivation,
    feed control, storage and transport.

  • Machinery and equipment: predictive maintenance/servicing, process monitoring, energy consumption control -
    compliance monitoring, environmental protection, energy efficiency analysis, cost control, process optimization.


Regardless whether for digitalization of maintenance, remote maintenance of machines and plants or optimization of digital life cycle management - the new overview "Data loggers" gives you a good review of the new data logger range with wireless NFC or WiFi communication up to the cloud solution for every application area.