Calibration: increased precision and reliability

Product quality, operational safety and cost effectiveness relate directly to an accurate and reliable registration of the process variables. Calibration of measuring instruments is required anywhere they are used in quality-related areas. Even the slightest of measurement errors can drastically affect the safety of production processes, or product quality. For the calibration of measuring instruments at Müller Industrie-Elektronik you will find a wide range of calibration instruments and our calibration service:

Authorised Testo dealer for portable measurement devices and thermal imagers

Simply see more with the thermal imagers from Testo: industrial thermography

Testo thermal imagers quickly and reliably detect weak spots and damage in industrial maintenance, production monitoring and in Research and Development. Materials and components are tested completely without damage thanks to an image creation process. Problem zones are identified without contact before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs. Whereas other methods, cable or pipeline systems must be exposed over a large area, Testo thermal imager recognize with high infrared image quality and innovative technology such as SuperResolution or SiteRecognition the weak spots and damages reliably and provide for thermally optimised assemblies.