The OEM measuring transducer program from Müller Industrie-Elektronik is modular in design. In this way, we enable manufacturers to expand their own measurement device portfolio flexibly and without high costs by integrating our OEM assemblies or, if required, to customize them individually as a private label solution.

Müller Industrie-Elektronik has 30 years of experience in measurement and control technology and our transmitters have been successfully proven in the series products of our ME-, MH-, MI-, MK-series and are reliably in use in demanding industrial applications worldwide.

Innovation: OEM Transmitter MATU - analog & universal


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We have further developed the HART transmitter (MART-E/R | MASG-E/R), which has been in use for around 15 years, to the latest state of the art. The new MATU transmitter, which is analog and universal for all physical measured variables, is now available as an OEM version and will soon replace the previous HART transmitter in Müller Industrie-Elektronik's product lines.


Advantages OEM Transmitter MATU:


  • Sensor types universal: Pt100, Pt1000, thermocouple type J/K/N, strain gauge full bridge, current/voltage: 0...20 mA /
    0...1 V / 0...10 V, digital I/O

  • Optimization of resolution = 24 bit instead of 16 bit and accuracy = max. 0.1 % of measuring range + sensor error

  • In addition to 2-wire now also as 3-wire variant possible: 0…10 V / 4...20 mA / 0...10 V / 0.5...10.5 V / 2... 10 V
    (voltage output selectable as option)

  • Geometry identical to predecessor product and compatible with industry standard sensor types and all MIE product series

  • 3 programmable inputs and outputs are now possible, e.g. for TARA or enable function or for setting a limit value

  • HART capability was deliberately omitted with the same programmability, among other things due to a component discontinuation

  • The configuration is done via new configuration modem DEV-KMA and free of charge software "TrComm-Panel"


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OEM Transmitter MATU: Modular | Analog | Transmitter | Universal

In addition to the round and angular PCB designs for the sensor types commonly used in industry, many other customer-specific PCB designs can also be implemented thanks to the modular system.


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In preparation for fall 2021: Integration of the new MATU transmitter into the product lines of Müller Industrie-Elektronik

The successive integration of the new MATU transmitter into the product lines ME, MH, MI and MK series is planned. In addition, the following certifications for the new transmitter MATU will be completed in the fall of 2021: ATEX, IECEx and DNV-GL, so that the approvals will then also apply to the series devices with the integration of the MATU transmitter.


Another new product in preparation is the UH-ATU B-head transmitter with current/voltage output and DNV-GL approval. Series products with HART transmitter and OEM HART transmitter (MART-E/R | MASG-E/R) will be discontinued with the changeover to the new transmitter MATU and will be available as long as stock lasts.

Thus, Müller Industrie-Elektronik will have a product portfolio with series products and OEM variants at the bleeding edge of measurement technology with corresponding device approvals for demanding industrial applications available from fall 2021.

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