The local display is particularly well suited for use wherever a standard signal of 4...20 mA is already available and can be installed in a control cabinet, control panel or housing.

Data transmission with local display by means of a current loop is now common practice in many industrial applications. Compared to normal digital displays, current loop displays offer the advantage that they do not require their own power supply and only have a 2-wire connection. The current loop displays are particularly suitable for applications where a standard signal of 4...20 mA is already available. With the various housing variants, the CULO product family from Müller Industrie-Elektronik can be used as an on-site display in the entire industrial sector.

Intrinsically safe digital display from the CULO product family:
Current loop display CULO-M with ATEX approval


As an extension within the CULO product family, the CULO-M is available as an intrinsically safe digital display for use in switch cabinets or control panels in hazardous areas with the corresponding ATEX approval. For the use of the indicator in hazardous areas, installation in a control panel or switch cabinet with at least protection class IP20 and a suitably grounded frame is mandatory.

The user-friendly adjustability via three keys makes this current loop display as a built-in device interesting for every control cabinet application!