1. Environmental policy

  • The protection of the environment represents an important corporate goal for the mmc AG. Our concern is to contribute to secure the future of the environment and businesses through environmentally oriented corporate policy and compliance related legalities.

  • The environment protection must be continuously improved.

  • We recognise the social and environmental responsibility which we have to bear as an enterprise and therefore consider environmental protection as an important and existential task of corporate management.

  • We aim at a minimisation of the environmental influences which are caused by our enterprise and its products. This includes the monitoring and assessment of current operational environmental impacts as well as the prevention of accidents.

  • We make high-class demands to our products and the fulfillment of demands and desires the customer placed on us. Qualitatively high grade means for us that our products not just have the best properties with regard to the customer benefits but also are produced by economical use of resources, energy and water.

  • The mmc AG strives to reduce its waste amount, particularly concerning hazardous waste, to a minimum and, wherever possible, recycle waste materials in the material cycle. We dispose of all waste safely, responsibly and in comprehensible ways.

  • Successful environment protection can be achieved only by the active co-operation of all employ- ees. Existing arrangements are optimised, evaluated on the basis of controlled records and if necessary correction procedures and measures are developed which guarantee the compliance and improvement of our environmental goals.


2. Dangerous material, RoHS, WEEE

  • All deliveries have to be in accordance with the directives WEEE:
    2012/19/EU and 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

  • For dangerous material the latest security data sheet must be provided by the
    first delivery to every order according to EG 1907/2006.