mmc - Matthias Müller Company AG - a group of the following companies:

The worldwide operating Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH as a specialist for the industrial measuring and control technology. The medium-sized and owner-controlled company Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH was founded by Matthias Müller in 1992 first as a single enterprise and has developed within 25 years to a specialist for the industrial measuring technology and control technology with about 60 employees. Müller Industrie-Elektronik manufactures measuring devices, sensors, transmitters, limit switches, calibrators and digital displays for industrial measuring and control technology, transmitters and amplifiers for signal processing, display devices and evaluation instruments in the region Hannover at the company location Neustadt am Rübenberge. Services such as contract manufacturing, board production, cable assembly, 3D construction, prototype construction and measuring device calibration complete the extensive product portfolio.

The corporate group of mmc AG offers our customers only advantages:

In addition to Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Buderus Services GmbH has been a partner company of the mmc - Matthias Müller Company AG since 2004. The companies regularly work closely together on various customer projects, for example, when it comes to the installation of force measurement technology for theater and stage equipment in theaters, operas and playhouses.

"So we can offer our customers an all-round service from the development over the production of measuring instruments by Müller Industrie-Elektronik to the installation by the electrical specialists of Buderus Services GmbH completely from a single source."
- Matthias Müller, Managing Director-

The Buderus Services GmbH as guild specialist for electrical installations and lightning protection with service-oriented electrical attendances for industrial and commercial customers and for customers of the public sector. One of the pioneers of the first power supply in Hannover was the engineer and company founder Carl Buderus. On November 17, 1887, he founded the company "Buderus und Co. Kommanditgesellschaft", from which, more than 130 years later, today's specialist company, Buderus Services GmbH, has developed further with a comprehensive range of electrical and lightning protection products. Further information about the specialist company Buderus for electric installation & lightning protection at
The Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik GmbH belongs since the 01st of December, 2019 as a subsidiary of the Buderus Services GmbH under the roof of the enterprise group mmc AG with headquarter in Neustadt in Rübenberge. The original enterprise, the Bräuer Elektrotechnik GmbH, existed since the foundation year 2005 as an electric field company with headquarter in Bad Salzdetfurth which was moved now also to Neustadt am Rübenberge. Main focuses of the electric field company also lie furthermore in the electric installation and electric services oriented to service for for industrial and commercial customers and for customers of the public sector. The additional office on the exhibition centre Hannover stands to you with the proven employee's team with pleasure.