The MEFC fan controller in OEM design can be used as an intelligent sensor-actuator system for the continuous, temperature-controlled regulation of fans, for example for connection to oil and water coolers.

Connectable elements are fans for oil cooling or water cooling with an input voltage of 12...30 VDC. The control unit has a compact design and combines the temperature sensor with the electronic fan control in a robust housing with protection class IP67 for use in harsh environmental conditions.


The Advantages at a Glance:

  • The MEFC fan controller has a number of functions for diagnosing and controlling a connected fan, such as integrated monitoring.
  • Temperature control of a fan's cooling intensity also enables significant energy savings.
  • As well as positive sustainability effects on the life of the oil and all fan components located in the oil circuit.

In addition, the MEFC Control Unit is approved for installation in motor vehicles in accordance with KBA approval with ECE type approval no. E1*10R06/01*9229*00.



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