The radio standard LoRa is derived from "long range" and is intended as an open industry standard for a low power wide area network (LPWAN) for small amounts of data, but for a long range. LoRaWAN, on the other hand, is a specification for LPWAN and the name of a wireless network based on LoRa, which links battery-powered devices wirelessly, energy-efficiently and over long distances. Thus, the low-power network LoRaWAN provides an infrastructure for the IoT - Internet of Things - for networking a variety of "things/devices".

With the common radio technologies, applications in the IoT - Internet of Things cannot be realized. That's why the energy-efficient, safe and cost-effective wireless technology makes LoRaWAN suitable for a wide variety of applications to realize data transmission over long distances. It is based on the open industry standard LoRa and is specified by the non-profit organization LoRa Alliance. LoRa describes how IoT devices are connected to the physical communication layer.

LoRa applications for the IoT - Internet of Things

LoRa is an open radio standard. Anyone can build a LoRaWAN as an IoT or M2M network with bidirectional communication or use a community-based solution. LoRa uses free frequency bands from the license-free ISM bands in the range 868/433 MHz, so that no license costs for frequencies arise.

Trendsetting applications for LoRa-enabled sensors:

  • Capture, interrogate, exchange, compare and evaluate status information wireless over long distances
  • Realization of diverse applications for Smart Factory | Smart Farming | Smart transport
  • Transmit location-independently sensor measurement data such as filling status, operating modes, meter readings (heating / water meters).
  • Tracking of transports, containers, tracking services etc. 

LoRa-compatible sensors from Müller Industrie-Elektronik

LoRa-compatible sensors for temperature, pressure and level measurement technology are already available from Müller Industrie-Elektronik. Existing sensors can be converted by replacing the radio module. In principle, wherever an IQRF radio module is included, a LoRa radio module can be used. Contact us!

The following device types with LoRa radio standard have already been implemented:

  • Temperature sensor: METS-WR
  • Temperature sensor: METS-WRM
  • Pressure sensor: MEPS
  • Level sensor: MELS-FR
  • More device types on request


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