Measuring amplifier for strain gauge HART in three case construction forms

For exact measuring results in force measuring technology by means of strain gauges, next to picking-up the measured signal with the appropriate force sensors, the signal processing and amplification by measuring amplifiers plays an important role in the overall measurement process.

As a specialist for the force-sensing measuring technology, Müller Industrie-Elektronik has developed a device series with device components optimally matched to each other for the strain gauge force measurement as an application-oriented solution. For the signal processing as cost-effective alternative to transmitters that are directly integrated in the sensor case, digital strain gauge amplifiers with HART communication in stand-alone housing are available.

This allows to convert the trouble-prone strain gauge bridge signals (sensor input: 1x full bridge, bridge connection 4-wire) of load cells and strain gauges to normalized current outputs of 4-20 mA HART for further processing with a PLC or other systems and significantly reduce the susceptibility of the signal. According to the range of application the new digital measuring amplifier for strain gauges is available in three construction forms with different electrical connection options:

  • Device version ADHM-LC in the high-grade stainless steel pipe for the robust application in rough industrial environment with pluggable electrical connection.
  • Variation MISG in mini plastic case for the space-saving installation in the smallest space for machine and plant engineering with plug and cable connection options.
  • Device model DRMU-S4 in the 45-mm-wide standard rail case for top hat rail mounting in switch cabinets.

In all three device versions of the strain gauge amplifier, the configuration via HART communication and the programming via the optionally available HART modem DEV-HM is possible.

Link to the devices:

  • Device version in the high-grade stainless steel pipe: ADHM-LC
  • Variation in mini plastic case: MISG
  • Device model in the 45-mm-wide standard rail case: DRMU-S4