for the supervision of liquid levels in the pharmaceutical beverage and food industry.

The new level switch PFKS with capacitive measuring principle has been designed by Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH as a Low Cost version for the supervision of liquid levels in containers and tubings for the pharmaceutical, beverage and food industry. With the hygienic process connection, the embodiment in stainless steel and the M12-device connection, diverse areas of application are given in the food processing, in breweries, for pharmaceutical production as well as in the biotechnology and medicine technology, in particular for the EHEDG correspondent use in aqueous liquids and paste-like media as for example milk, beer, soft drinks, syrup, concentrates or CiP liquids. The capacitive measuring principle of the PFKS is insensible compared with foam generation and adhesion. Even with high-viscous and adherent media the new level switch sensor PFKS works extremely reliable.

Product features level switch PFKS:

  • Capacitive measuring principle
  • Input: aqueous media
  • Insensible to foam generation and adhesion
  • Hygienical process connection G1/2“
  • Conformity with EHEDG requirements
  • Process temperature: 0…+100 °C as well as
    CIP-/SIP cleaning: 0…+150 °C (30 min)
  • Sensor tip: PEEK
  • Response time: 140ms

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