The protection of the environment represents an important corporate goal for the mmc AG. We make high-class demands to our products and the fulfillment of demands and desires the customer placed on us. Qualitatively high grade means for us that our products not just have the best properties with regard to the customer benefits but also are produced by economical use of resources, energy and water.

Energy efficiency:
Movement-steered lighting in the across ways of the warehouse | Offices with power-saving LED lighting

At the beginning of 2018 in the company building of mmc AG the whole lighting system was substituted with a modern, power-saving LED lighting for a homogeneous and glimmer-free illumination in all offices. Overall 250 ceiling lamps with fluorecent were replaced.

In addition, the stock area was already equipped by movement-steered lighting in the across ways energy-efficient in 2017. The application of the new LED lighting creates a project-related CO ² savings of an average over 65% and excels therefore topical objectives of Germany and the European Union regarding to climate protection.

Improvement of the working atmosphere

For the employees the replacement of the lighting system means a perceptible improvement of the working atmosphere: no screens, flickering or glimmer by fluorescent lamps any more which can lead to quick tiredness. Moreover, an energy saving potential of approx. 50 percent arises by the investment measures with an amortisation time of only one and a half years.