Wireless measuring technology for the industrial data communication

In times of industry 4.0 the intelligent industry presents itself with all its facets today: The focus is on the intelligent networking of all industrial processes – from the product idea through the production process up to the delivery to the customer. Mechanics, electronics and information technology have to grow together closely. Todays’ measuring technology has to ensure for more efficiency in the production processes.

Wireless radio applications play an important role for the networked factory of tomorrow!

Industrial machine and plant engineering is already networked many-sided today. Today, the communication between the machine controls, sensors and actuators is mostly done by data transmission via wired solutions. However, if movable or distant plant components have to be controlled in the production process where wiring is technically not possible at all, or a temporary or additional installation of data transmission is necessary, in this case wireless data transmission is the ideal and often - by the elimination of the wiring complexity - also cost efficient solution. Also, in the sensor data acquisition in non-time-critical applications, the cost and effort minimization is a decisive argument for radio solutions. In addition, the wireless measuring technology for industrial data communications will continue to lead the way in the networked industry of tomorrow.

Wireless capture of temperature, pressure, level and force measuring values with the latest radio technology

Müller Industrie-Elektronik also offers a range of solutions for the wireless transmission of measuring values using the latest wireless technology with radio frequencies (868.4 MHz for Europe / 915 MHz for the USA) which are largely trouble-free in relation to sources of interference and work with reliable industrial-grade transmission times and thus are suitable for use in rough industrial environments. The use of batteries based on lithium ion technology and the in-house developed low-power design of the radio sensors provides for a long operating time.

High flexibility and customised wireless solutions

Like all sensors made by Müller Industrie Elektronik, the wireless measurement solutions by the in-house development department are very adaptable in terms of flexibility and adaptability to individual customer-specific application conditions.
Here, the application of modular electronic components (radio chip in the SIM card format), the so-called modular concept (MS series: Modular SIM Card Electronic) which is also an innovative, in-house development result, plays an important role: In the shortest time and thus without high development efforts, measurements according to the range of application in suitable case construction form for nearly all market standards and physical measuring dimensions can be realised as a wired or a wireless solution with radio transmission.

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