In addition to the many electrical connection types for the M sensor series such as M12x1; German DT04-4P; German DT04-3P; bayonet; AMP/TYCO Super Seal 1.5; cable, valve and MIL connector, Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers with the modular screwable connector series a flexible concept: the many connector ports can be mounted directly on the outside of the housing with the M16x1,5 mounting. In particular the M16x1,5 screw connection directly on the housing is now available with the new modular adapters for valve connectors, AMP/TYCO and the German-plug versions. Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers a variety of fully prepared versions of adapters, which can be screwed on all sensor housings of the M-series or on any standard housing made of plastics, aluminum, stainless steel or steel plate:


  • Version with open cable ends.
  • Version with 6-pin 2.54 mm 2-post series and internal wiring, e.g. to clip a circuit board.
  • Fast and tight plug assembly with 1x M16x1,5.
  • Adapter with M16x1,5 for fitting a differential pressure tubing connector (6/4 mm), tube connected internally.