Modulare Economic sensors: high flexibility on the basis of an ingenious modular concept! 

The sensor series "Modular Economic Sensors" is technically designed so adaptable that it can offer an optimum modular device solution for the respective measuring job in cost-optimised base equipment as well as in electronic full equipment with display, switch points and HART signal for all industrial uses. All ME sensors are available modular with all common conncetors well-established in the industry. The respective process connections are made out of high-grade steel. 

The sensors of ME series now in four variants:

Modular Economic Sensors with display and full equipment

All versions with full equipment are fitted with 4 to 20 mA 2-wire technology, heterodyned HART communication signal and two configurable limit value contacts and are available for all physical measuring categories. The service and setting of the sensors is carried out by means of a user-friendly display with three keys and integrated 4-digit 7-segment current loop display. The display head on the case body is swivelling around 300° and the display is additionally reversible, for an upside down installation of 180°. The case body including the electrical connection also turnable around 300°.

Modular Economic Sensors as transmitter variants

Everywhere in processes where exact measuring values are necessary in the form of simply evaluable analogous sensor signals, but no display is required, the transmitter versions can be used as a cost-optimised measuring instrument. The pure transmitter is also available for all current physical measuring dimensions, generates an output signal of 4... 20 mA, has modular electric connection facilities available and is configurable via HART communication.

Modular Economic Sensors as limit switch

For all common physical measuring categories, switch variants with cheaper basic equipment such as simple locally set-point adjustment, high switch point accuracy, fast response time and easy installation are available for all industrial applications. The current output signal can be connected to a digital input of a PLC. The switch point is programmable serial, e.g. via a separately available modem. Nevertheless, the switch point setting can be performed directly at the device by an integrated hall sensor in combination with a separate magnet on site. The switch status is recognizable by a red bright LED. The switch output is realized as open collector and galvanically isolated.

Modular Economic Sensors with radio transmission

As the fourth option, the ME sensors are also planned with radio ability as an additional equipment. Based on the lithium ion technology, these device types work as an energy selfsufficient system on battery power. For fitting the sensor with radio, depending on the application needs, there are modular additional options such as battery operation with internal aerial for short ranges from up to 50 metres, with external power supply for long operating time or with external aerial connection with stationary aerial in the device with a range up to 200 metres.  As transceiver robust field case in UniCase2 design and DIN rail devices are used.

Thanks to its „modularity without limits“, the sensor series ME not only creates fast and effectively transparency with industrial measuring tasks but also the model and prize structure is adapted so that the optimum sensor type can be fast and cost-optimised put together modularly for the corresponding demands of the industrial use.

Exactly this represents the benefits of the ME series’ modular sensor concept by Müller Industrie-Elektronik!

New product overview as PDF-file:

"Modular Economic Series: Limit switch | Transmitter | Display | Radio"

Directly to the measurement devices of the ME series