Modular electronics in SIM card format
The technology of the new MS series is based on an innovative modular building block concept conceived by Müller Industrie-Elektronik with modular, individually and customized combinable electronics modules in the SIM card format. By the appl

Innovative core of the draught is the “fragmentation” of the hardware components into SIM card modules, i.e. the complete circuit is disassembled in modular single assemblies. The typical basic circuit (input, output, measuring amplifier, master controller, interfaces, radio etc.) are made as single modules, are combined arbitrarily and moved in the form of a SIM card. The motherboard of the respective customized industrial measuring job disposes beside the power supply and the controller circuits and uses the appropriate, well-proven mobile phone suitable SIM card holders for the single electronic modules. By SIM-card connectors the respective single modules can be anchored fast and secure on the motherboard.

The advantages of the modular electronics in the SIM card format:

  • High flexibility and quick configuration of devices for customised solutions by the construction of the electronics in modular construction method.
  • Quick and reasonable development of new module versions
  • Effective and quickly realizable measuring technology solutions - just for small series of 1-500 pieces.
  • In the service case single electronics modules can be exchanged faster and cheaper than a completely equipped circuit board.

Modular SIM card electronic: expandable combinable and exemplarily serviceable

During the planning phase of a customer’s project, free card sockets can be designated. By this, the possibility of an extension with additional inputs or outputs exists by easy plugging-in of corresponding SIM cards. Another advantage is that modules can be exchanged in the service case easily and favorably. Merely single SIM cards are replaced instead of the whole board. New hardware versions are realizable as quickly and advantageously, also by a simple exchange or adding of modules.

Functional principle of the innovative modular building block concept

All modules communicate with the system via I2C interface. Each assembly group has its own, fixed are-specific software and remains always equal, independent of different system solutions. The Master module operates as central processing unit for the processing of data and will always be programmed individually for each application.

With the innovative draught of the box of building blocks technology for modular electronics of the new MS series  Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers actual and quickly realizable measuring technology solutions, in particular for the small-batch manufacturing to 500 units.