Data logging and data analysis is well possible with the visualisation software MVS in connection with the Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR for the monitoring and adaptation of not selectable plant and machinery.

By existing plant and machinery there is often no possibility to collect machine data automatically and to analyse accordingly. With the process data visualisation tool MVS software in connection with the radio gateway server MVS-DR process data of existing machines can be transferred in a local cloud and measurements can be compared and adapted easily. By the hosting of the data in a local cloud the integration is possible on the company internal network and the data security completely remains in the hand of the plant operator.
The visualization software MVS is equipped with comprehensive functions to parametrize the Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR customer-specific.That way, you can control your readings conveniently and from wherever you want. Besides customizable and importing graphics of system configuration is also possible.

The stored measurements can be quickly and easily be visualized and evaluated in the desired depiction location-independently. The parameterization of the gateway MVS-DR and the configuration of the connected sensors can also be done directly through the software. For industrial applications, this software version offers measurement data analysis and visualization capability independent of location and operating system with various display graphics such as display as graph version, display as bar chart with real-time measurements, table view with CSV export function or as process flow chart with real-time measurements.

The new version of the MVS software covers further interesting additional functions:

  • Anew: trailing pointer function

    With this new pointer function maximum and minimum measuring values per channel can be indicated and analysed, while the measuring pointer indicates the actual measured value. When required the trailing pointers of the channel can be easily resetted with a push button.
  • Anew: calculation of measuring values

    With the new additional function of the MVS software measuring values can be directly calculated and be indicated in live mode, as for example the calculation of average values of multiple channel or the calculation of differential pressure between two measured pressure input values or the addition of total forces of several force sensors (for example, of weighting platforms or vehicle scales).



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