The protection of the environment is an important corporate goal for mmc AG. We want to make a contribution to securing the future of the environment and the company through an environmentally oriented company policy. In order to protect the climate, the environment and fossil energy resources, mmc has invested in the sustainable development of its own energy supply and has installed a new PV system for its own consumption on the roof of the company building.

Good reasons for investing in the use of renewable energies:

  • The use of solar energy has gained in attractiveness, since not only the investment costs for photovoltaic systems have significantly reduced, but the self-generated solar power through new storage solutions, e-mobility and intelligent controls for self-consumption can be used effectively and environmentally friendly.

  • Through the self-consumption of renewable energy, active climate and environmental protection is performed in the company and the climate protection target to increase the share of renewable energy in the power supply by 2050 to min. 80% actively and sustainably supported.

  • In the long term, the investment will lead to a reduction in electricity costs for the company and a certain independence of energy suppliers with low maintenance requirements for the PV system.

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By the way:
The Buderus team has the competence to plan and instal Photovoltaik systems and, besides, works together closely with experienced manufacturers of PV systems!


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