New infrared screw-in temperature sensor with display for non-contact infrared temperature measurement!

In many industrial manufacturing processes, due to high temperature development, rough ambience conditions or hardly accessible or moving measuring objects, a safe temperature supervision is possible only contact-free.

The new IR-screw-in temperature sensor METS-IR of the Modular Economic Sensor series guarantees an optimum process supervision by non-contact quick and exact temperature control using the infrared procedure.

Equipment with display and a lot of other features:
  • operation and setting is carried out directly at the sensor by a user-friendly display with three keys and integrated 4-digit 7-segment current loop indicator.
  • display head on the case body of the METS-IR is swivelling around 300 ° for hardly accessible areas and the case body including the electrical connection is,in addition, also turnable around 300 °.
  • designed in 3-wire technology
  • equipped optionally with two configurable electronic limit value contacts.
  • measurement: the maximum range of -40 ... +1000 ° C with an optical resolution of up to 15:1
    in the spectral range 8 .. 14 µm.
  • output signal 4... 20 mA and a heterodyned HART communication signal
  • for the process connection, several options are available.
  • electric connection is done by an 8-pole M12 connector.
  • for the configuration, the sensor can be connected to a PC via USB by an optionally available HART interface.

With the new METS-IR, Müller Industrie-Elektronik supplement the extensive modular ME sensor series with a reliable and inexpensive solution for contact-free temperature measurement under extreme conditions.

The full range of Modular Economic Sensors is shown in the new product overview as a PDF-file:

"Modular Economic Series: Limit Switch | Transmitter | Display | Radio"

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