Limit switch variant METL-L for the cost-optimised temperature supervision in industrial applications!  

For the temperature supervision in industrial applications in the area of -50... +200 °C, a switch version with sensor type Pt100 is now the new electronic screw-in temperature switch METL-L in 3-wire technology by Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH.

The new temperature limit switch METL-L is featured with a cost-optimised base equipment and a lot of functionalities:
  • easy switch point setting on site
  • high measuring accuracy
  • fast response time and an easy installation
  • current output signal is connectable to a digital input of a PLC
  • the temperature switch METL-L is serially programmable,  e.g. by a separately available  modem
  • switch point setting can be performed directly at the device by an integrated hall sensor in combination with a separate magnet on site.
  • switch status is recognizable by a red bright LED.
  • switch output is realized as open collector and galvanically isolated.

The full range of Modular Economic Sensors is shown in the new product overview as a PDF-file:

"Modular Economic Series: Limit Switch | Transmitter | Display | Radio"

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