The Pioneering Spirit 

The twin-hulled vessel is 382 m long and 124 m wide. At the bow is a slot, 122 m long and 59 m wide, that enables Pioneering Spirit to straddle a platform and remove entire topsides – up to 48,000 t – in a single lift using eight sets of horizontal lifting beams.The heavy-lift vessel “Pioneering Spirit” removes and installs large offshore platform topsides of up to 48,000 tonnes and jackets up to 25,000 tonnes in a single lift.

“Pioneering Spirit” represents the epitome of Allseas engineering and innovation. Allseas Group S.A. is a Swiss-based offshore contractor specialising in pipelay, heavy lift and subsea construction. Allseas is an international offshore contractor specialising in the execution of large and complex projects, covering pipeline installation, platform installation and removal, and the installation of subsea infrastructure and marks a new era in the heavy lifting industry.

Temperature measuring technology by Müller Industrie-Elektronik

The GL approved and according to guideline 3.1 certified temperature measurement for the hydraulic circuit and the pneumatic system including thermowells were delivered by Müller Industrie Elektronik in cooperation with the Netherland's representative Marktechnical B.V ( and in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth.

Till 2020 a ship of the same design should be built, indeed, it should still exceed the Pioneering Spirit in size and efficiency.

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