data logger for measurement, control, display, alarm, storage and analysis of measurement data.
As a logical extension of the program Mueller Industrie-Elektronik launches the multifunctional data logger DLUI-HD for measurement, control, display, alarm, storage and analysis of measurement data. This universal data recorder can be used as a cost effective solution anywhere where data records and reports are required stationary, e.g. in medical laboratories, in the food and pharmaceutical industries, for fault diagnosis of complex industrial applications or for the data documentation of system monitoring.

Multifunctional application range for the data logger

Up to 12 sensor inputs for analog and digital sensors for data logging and evaluation of consumption, dew point, pressure, voltage and temperature (PT100 or PT1000) are freely assignable. The sensors are automatically recognized, powered and can be configured quickly and easily. The data logger stores all measurement values reliable and through the generous 7 inch color display with touch panel, all required data are easily visible at one glance.

Universell combinable with the sensors by Mueller Industrie-Elektronik:

Depending on the desired measuring range, the sensors of ME, MK, MH and MI series by Mueller Industrie-Elektronik, which have a power output of 0/4...20 mA and a maximum supply voltage of 24 VDC, can be universally combined with the data logger DLUI-HD. For each sensor an  “site identification name” can be assigned. In addition to data acquisition, the evaluation of all sensors can be effected optionally as daily, weekly or monthly report by pushing a button. Up to 32 values are freely configurable and assignable to 4 different alarm relays.Limit violations are displayed in red. The data transmission of the evaluation reports are effected flexible via USB stick. The actual measured data can optionally be transferred via Ethernet or Modbus/RS485 to customized systems or to perform remote maintenance and usage analysis via web server. To evaluate the data on the PC, an evaluation software is available optionally.

The rugged aluminum housing with the degree of protection IP 65 provides high industrial suitability of the data logger DLUI-HD, also for using in harsh conditions in the Heavy Duty range.
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