In addition to a wide range of meters with standard LED displays, we also offer digital displays with full graphic TFT (LCD*) displays. We have both universal measuring instruments and panel instruments for the display of direct current/direct voltage with TFT display available for you. Find out here about the extensive range of digital indicators and TFT or LED displays from the product portfolio of Müller Industrie-Elektronik GmbH.

(*) On request, a version as universal measuring device with backlit LCD display is also available.

TFT digital indicators at a glance:

  • Digital indicator TFT1-11: Universal measuring device, 96 x 48 mm

  • Switch panel instrument TFT1-13: Digital indicator for standard signals, 96 x 48 mm


Digital indicators with universal measuring input – Type TFT1-11, Dimensions: 96 x 48 mm

Our 96x48 mm universal measuring devices from the TFT1 series record sensor signals and display them on fully graphic TFT displays. The TFT1-11 digital display can be used to operate a wide variety of sensors and display the corresponding physical values. If temperatures are to be measured via Pt1000, Pt100 or thermocouple, the temperature is displayed in the selectable °C or °F representation. For measuring inputs such as current/voltage, frequency or counter, the scaling and display can be freely selected in the display range from -1999...9999. The unit has 2 switching points that support various operating modes.


Digital indicator for standard signals: measure DC voltage/DC current – Type TFT1-13, Dimensions: 96 x 48mm

The panel-mounted instrument of the TFT1-13 series has a 4-digit digital display on which the 3-fold measurement of voltage or current signals (not galvanically isolated) is possible. In addition, it has two switching points that are suitable for different operating modes and can be monitored both via a limit value with hysteresis and via a window contact with alarm range. The unit can be configured with the 4 front buttons (protection class IP65) or optionally with PC software. The multitude of available functions, such as the min/max value query, complete the modern device concept.