Humidity transmitter

type: testo 6621

technical features

  • Accuracy of ±2.5 % RH
  • Wall or duct version, option of 2-line LCD display
  • Commissioning and maintenance through external interface (mini-DIN) and Testo P2A software saves time
  • Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability
  • High-quality design
  • Optimum calibration concept with adjustment of entire signal chain, including analog adjustment, without dismantling the transmitter
  • 1-point adjustment can be performed on-site easily and quickly using t400 or t650
  •  2-point adjustment using Testo P2A software
  •  Parameterizing, adjusting and analyzing software (P2A) for setting up, adjusting and analyzing the transmitter
  • Parameterization of unit and scale
  • Adjustment (1-point, 2-point, analog adjustment)
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Testing of analog outputs
  • Requesting of max./min. values
  • Parameterization and adjustment history (all activities of the P2A software are registered in the PC)
  • Serial number and firmware version can be called up
  • 2 analog outputs (% RH & °C or °F)
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