High-Precision Temperature Measurement

type: testo 735-1 / -2

technical features

Very accurate temperature measuring devices with connection of up to 6 temperature sensors.

Product benefits
  • Connection of: 1x Pt100, thermocouple 2x, 3x wireless probe
  • System accuracy up to 0.05 ° C
  • Printout on Testo report printer
  • Cyclical printing of measured values
  • PC software for analysis and documentation
  • Display, saves and prints minimum-, maximum-, and average values ​​of difference
  • Audible alarm when limit exceeded
  • IP65 Protection
  • Precise over entire measurement range
Additionally at 735-2
  • Instrument memory for up to 10000 readings
  • Recording of temperature variation
  • PC evaluation graphic / table
  • Creating a user profile
  • USB cable and software
Accessories for 735-1 and 735-2
  • Laboratory sensor
  • Air probe
  • Surface probe
  • Diving and penetration
  • Thermocouples
  • Food probe
  • Various wireless sensors
  • Additional accessories
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