by intelligent six-fold Strain Gauge Summing Unit DSV-6E

The early detection of sensor defects is now possible with the new intelligent six-fold strain gauge summing unit DSV-6E by Müller Industrie-Elektronik for weighing and force measurement applications:

Up to six “parallel” working strain gauge measuring cells can be checked simultaneously for probe / wire break, short circuit of sensor and mid voltage as well as strain gauge resistance drift with the intelligent summing unit DSV 6E. This provides additional safety for applications with load and force measurements and minimizes costly downtime!

The new summing unit is, independent of the manufacturer, combinable with all load cells, measuring amplifiers and evaluation units and applicable where load / force measurements with several measuring cells (up to 6 strain gauge bridges / 350 Ω) must be carried out with only one evaluating unit, e.g. in container terminals, silos or overhead
cranes. Further applications are in particular in the theater area: e.g. the use of a cable guide via a roller block for lifting heavy loads or for podiums. Depending on the application, the summing unit DSV-6E is optionally available in aluminum or plastic housing.

More information to the product: Six-fold Strain Gauge Summing Unit DSV-6E