Temperature Data-Logger

type: TESTO 175-Serie

technical features

The Series 175 are compact data logger for temperature measurement.

Product benefits 175-T1
  • 1-channel with internal temperature sensor
  • Display of current value, last storing,
  • Min / max values​​, limits number deviations
  • Non-volatile data memory
  • Documentation via infrared interface
  • Accessories
Product benefits 175-T2
  • 2-channel temperature sensor with 1 internal and 1 external sensor input
  • Display of current value,
  • Last memory, min / max values​​, limits number of deviations
  • Collect data in the device evaluation on a PC
  • Various external temperature sensor
  • Accessories
Product benefits 175-T3
  • 2-channel with 2 sensor inputs external
  • Especially suitable for high and low temperatures,
  • Reading the data by pressing a button
  • Data analysis in table / graph
  • Alarm, transmission of exceedances
  • Interface for data transfer
  • Various external temperature sensor
  • Accessories
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